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Author: Chris Miller

What not to do on a job interview: Pressing the Self-Destruct Button

I’ve been with my current employer for the better part of two decades and I was thinking back to the…

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Using console jQuery to scrape lists from Apple’s developer portal.

I needed to grab the lists of registered devices and developers from our company’s Apple Developer portal. Unless I’m being…

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Xamarin Dev Days – Latham, NY – Dec 2nd

Looking to start doing mobile app development with Xamarin, but don’t know where to start?  Then we have some good…

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A Xamarin port of the usb-serial-for-android library

Back in January, I ported the excellent usb-serial-for-android library from the Java source code to Xamarin C#.  We have an…

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And then my blog was defaced

Embed from Getty Images A couple of weeks ago my blog was defaced through a security hole in WordPress. About…

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My book about localization with Xamarin is out

Last month Apress published my book on writing localized apps with Xamarin. It’s titled “Cross-platform Localization for Native Mobile Apps with…

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