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My Hallway Conversations interview is out

Hallway Conversations Podcast
Hallway Conversations Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for the Hallway Conversations podcast. That interview is now on their site and can be downloaded by your favorite podcast app. I talked with Phil Japikse, Stephen Bohlen, and Lee Brandt. I had met Lee a few years back, when he did a presentation for TVUG about using Kendo UI. We talked about the business case for using Xamarin for developing native mobile applications.

We had a good conversation about the merits for using Xamarin and who the target audience is for those tools. I talked about how and why I ended up using Xamarin for our first native app and what hurdles I had to overcome to get that app done. And we talked about the costs of the Xamarin product and how that really wasn’t a factor in why our company decided to go that route.

I had a lot of fun doing the podcast.  If you are considering using Xamarin to write native apps for Android and iOS, it’s worth listening to this podcast episode and an earlier one with Xamarin’s Jon Dick,