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Month: May 2007

Why is this man laughing?

  There’s a story behind that picture and it’s pretty much what you would think it is. Dave Anthony toasts…

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Time to get a new PC

My home PC died last Friday and I’m waiting for it’s replacement to show up. I’ve had the machine for…

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Is Microsoft Dead?

I was reading Mike Gunderloy’s new blog, A Fresh Cup, and I came across a link to an article titled…

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Jeremy Clarkson does more than laugh at rice

I really wish I could get “Top Gear” here.  I can just watch that show for hours.  The only way…

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Ed Dague’s blog has a new home

This is old news, but still worth mentioning.  Ed Dague’s blog has moved from Blogspot to a new location hosted…

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Domain name change

As of today, the address of this blog is now  The old name,, still works but you’ll see…

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